Welcome to Poole Independents

We hope that this site will give you as much information as possible about Poole Independents, what are our aims and hopefully how you can help us to achieve those aims here in Poole.

Poole Independents is not a Political Party, we strongly believe that the Political Party Rivalry belongs in Westminster and not a local government level and the only way we will ever see democratic decision making back in our local council it to remove party politics and elect those who are only ever answerable to the people who elect them, not their chosen party.

We do believe that communication is the key to success and we have created the 'Poole Debate Forum' where people can voice their concerns, opinions, etc. The forum is open to anyone, however there are specific sections of the forum that are only accessible to people in particular wards. Should you live outside of Poole then simply add your town name where it has the ward. The more people who input to any given problem the quicker the best solutions are always found. Simply click 'Poole Debate Forum' to register.

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